Be a powerful creator.

What you think and say manifest into reality in the world.

Be cautious to think and say only the things you want to become real.

Strive to make a positive impact on everyone you meet.

Your energy is too big ever to be neutral.

Bring light and joy to the world by bringing light and joy to the people you encounter.



Know your values and do not compromise them for a gain of any sort.

Standards without follow-through are not standards; they are simply suggestions.

Compassion for others cannot be an excuse for ignoring values or standards.

Know your VALUE and do not settle for less than what you are worth in any endeavor.

This goes for business and personal encounters and is not strictly monetary.

Your worth can be determined by your feeling, not just your “getting.”



You are blessed with intelligence and creativity.

Any day you choose not to create or choose not to use your intelligence is a waste of talent and an insult to your creator.

Remember your WHY and talk about it daily.

Every person deserves to be as successful as they want to be, provided they are willing to do the work and make the necessary personal changes.

Inspire and energize those around you towards constant self-improvement and exploration. This is your superpower- to help people discover who they can become.



Be an energizer and a builder of people.

Strive to make those around me smarter, more confident, more self-assured, more successful, and more impactful if they choose to work with what you give them.

Meet people half-way and give only as much as someone is willing to match.

Focus on the thoughts, words, and actions of the present and the future.

Past success is important to establish credibility but irrelevant to those who were not involved in building it.



Do not push your ambition and standards on those who do not want it.

At the same time, do not allow those whose ambition and work ethic do not match yours to hold you or anyone else back or to influence you or anyone on your team.

Lead the way people need to be led, not how it is most comfortable to lead.

Recognize that your go-to state might be a hammer, but not everything is a nail. Recognize that not everything needs blunt force to work.


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